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Her but unwilling to wait now that she'd come this far. Uriel had grown still and quiet, and she feared for him, feared that she'd done something wrong. Wringing out the excess water, she began to buy instagram followers clean him, over and over again, until the rag itself was red with his blood and the pot was only half full. Once his skin was as clean instagram as she could get it, she dunked the last rag into the steaming water and placed it carefully over the area. Then, grabbing up her discarded scraps of skirt, she wrapped his shoulder and back once more to hold the rag in place. Uriel was still, painfully so, and she pulled the cloak over his body to hide wing and wound alike, crouching once more before him as she did so. She could hear voices outside, arguing heatedly, and she touched the side of his neck to check on his pulse. It felt stronger, but she couldn't tell for sure. She was about to call out, convinced that she'd failed and resigned to having them both found buy instagram followers out, but hesitated when Uriel reached up to brush his fingers across her face. Glancing down, she met his eyes, pressing her cheek against his palm and luxuriating in his touch. His thumb brushed across her mouth, and gazing down at him she could almost convince herself that he was looking at her. That he could see her. The thought was enough to make her heart skip a beat and her breath catch. Two reactions she had no business feeling. Defiance pulled away from his touch just as the tent flap was thrown aside. Beyond it, her face flushed and tense with lingering rage, stood a small, elderly woman clutching a black medical bag. Beside her was the man who'd helped carry Uriel from the river's edge. Neither of them looked very happy, and if Defiance hadn't known better she would have said that the grumpy young man had been trying to buy her some time. Which was nonsense, because there was no reason why he would want to help her. Not after the way she'd behaved. Even so, she couldn't shake the suspicion that he'd done something to distract the healer because she kept sending him heated looks from the corner of her eye. What's this I hear about you refusing treatment? she barked, gaze landing on Defiance. I... She hesitated, unsure what to say to the small woman. The man who'd been arguing with her lifted the healer up into the back of the carriage, http://oneeyedeer.com/ and she slapped his hands away, irate at being manhandled, though how she would have managed to climb up on her own given instagram her advanced age was a mystery. Healer Jaelle caught sight of Uriel and the bloody rags, and her brows rose. What did you do? I took care of it, she said simply. Oh really? Really. She met the healer's eyes, letting her determination bleed over into her gaze. After studying her a moment more, Jaelle snorted. If you didn't need my help, why bring him here? I do need your help, she admitted. Just not with his care. My brother requires rest until he's fully healed. I fear what may happen to him if he's forced to walk all the way to the Third buy instagram followers Ward. When Jaelle looked doubtful, Defiance hurried to add, I'll pay you. How? The old woman laughed. With buy instagram followers gold? I have no use for gold, child. Then...then what do you want? I'll do anything. Now, now, no need for all of that. You look like